Friday, July 18, 2008

A Broadway Dream Come True for [title of show]

Cate Caplin (who directed the recent reading of Now and Then a Hero) writes from New York:

Last night I sat front row for the opening night of a brand new Broadway musical called [title of show] - It was a show within a show about two unknown writers, writing a new musical for the NY Musical Theatre festival, pursuing their dream to Broadway - it was their literal story and journey about writing a new musical unfolding within the context of the show - very exhilarating to see a real life dream being realized in real time on stage up to the final moment of the piece and there they were, opening ON Broadway for real.

The audience (no doubt diehard friends and fans throught the entire journey of this new piece thru its developmental stages to its off-Broadway run, workshop productions and subsequent road to Broadway) was electrifying.... It was definitely an inspiration to see it happen for others, the very thing we ALL dream about happening... I ran into the producer who I know from other relations years ago and he invited me to the opening night party.

So many icons of Broadway were there, the toast of the town Broadway directors and choreographers, Tony Award winning actors and famous designers, composers, writers - a sea of artistic legends.... I thought of you all and wanted to share my random NY "ride"....

--Cate Caplin

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