Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"It Happened in Roswell" Prepares for Workshop Production at The No Ho Arts Center

As August fast approaches, excitement builds as NMI prepares to invade The No Ho Arts Center for the entire month of August for 31 straight days of world premieres, concerts, workshop productions, and cabaret. Included in this month-long musical extravaganza will be "It Happened in Roswell" by Terrence Atkins and Jeffery Lyle Segal. 

This zany romantic comedy tells the story of a hard-nosed tabloid reporter in 1947 who is stranded in Roswell where he makes up a fake alien story, only to discover that there really is an alien and it's a beautiful alien girl! It's your classic story.  Boy meets alien. Boy loses alien. Boy gets alien back. With the Army ready to turn Roswell upside down to find and dissect the "invader," what will the reporter do? Will it be the story?  Or the girl? 

"It Happened in Roswell" was selected as the First Prize Winner of the NMI's 2013 search for New Musicals. In the fall, Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry and Executive Director, Scott Guy, worked with co-authors Atkins & Segal to rewrite a new and improved draft. The process involved two in-house readings, which were directed by Scott Guy and presented by the Academy Reparatory Company. Both times, the authors were given notes and then went back in and did rewrites based upon feedback received from the readings. The result was a tighter, more story-driven show that will now open at the No Ho Arts Center on August 3rd for eight workshop performances. 

The workshop production will be co-directed by Scott Guy and Terrence Atkins.  Co-produced by NMI and House on the Hill Productions. Musical Direction by Ron Barnett. Choreography by Susanna Young. Casting by Lindsey Mixon. Cast includes:  Emerson Boatwright, Amy Bloom, John McCool Bowers, Rory Dunn, Matthew Herrmann, Nathan Ondracek, Carrie Madsen, and Julie Tolivar. 

This heartfelt and offbeat comedy is sure to make even non-believers believe in something called love. (and it illustrates that rewrites are hard work, but well-worth all the effort)